New and Cool Inventions 2016

In this era of modernization, technology has given a new life to human functioning. It has made our life so easier than before. The advancements in technology and new inventions have lead foundations for new pathways. Many passionate people are following those pathways and up to discover such new things for us which will help use to improve our ways of living, communication and entertainment. is a way to help all the technology and cool invention lovers. It is one of the broadest platforms where you can find numerous articles on cool inventions. Here, you can find everything related to technology. It doesn’t matter what technological revolutions are taken places, empowers you to have all the information about cell phones, computers and different inventions which are changing the world. For example Apple has introduced a watch that will not only tell you time but it will also enable you to make wireless payments, give direction, track your fitness and send messages as well. Imagine you are wearing your cell phone on your wrist, sounds crazy but Apple has made this come true. This watch has shrink down the cell phone usage experience with its novel interface. You can find such kind of discoveries that will keep you in touch with the IT industry.

cool inventions

It is one of the website where you can get bundle of information about technology. It doesn’t matter either you are a college student, university going or a common men, we have got very interesting information for everyone. This information will not only keep you updated but it will also increase your horizon about discovering new inventions as well. Like you have heard of wireless connections, phones and internet but what if you can charge your appliances without any plug? It might sound crazy but it is true now you can charge your laptops and other appliances without any plugs. It is all due to wireless electricity that produce magnetic field around your objects which charge them. This type of invention can charge the objects within 8 ft distance. You can also be the one who can make such advancements with the help of this website. is platform where we collect every piece of information and make it available for our user. Here you can find the new inventions in technology industry with which people are not much familiar with.
Microsoft is one of the best companies which are serving their technology clients all over the world.  They have also come up with one of their new inventions, Microsoft surface pro 3. It is the best tablet available in the market which has got the performance of a laptop. It runs desktop apps, office and windows OS in your tablet. It has got the battery life of 9 hours and 4th generation intel core processor installed. One can’t find such rare piece of information with detail description but as we believe in serving our users. It becomes our duty to facilitate our users with correct information.

We also support the users who find technology quite boring. They consider boring because they assume that it is all about machines and all that. However, the fact is that can make them familiar with such different technology that ultimately makes them interested in technology. Like new information about skateboard which can float above the ground. It is just the beginning as can help their users to learn many more new things related to the technological world. It is a start which can lead you to a great way.