Installing WiFi – Step by Step Instructions for Installing WiFi

Wifi is one of the most famous wireless technologies which allow connecting and accessing other system within your network through wireless along with the super accelerated speed and immediate outside access. This technology has made it easy for the users to share the files and for exchanging online messages. It can be installed at home place and work places by following the simple steps that is not a big deal in enjoying high speed and excellent communication features.


Step by step instructions for installing WiFi

  1. First of al you need to list the equipment and hardware thetas is required for installing Wifi uh as router or compatible gateway different models are available one of the common is DI version 624 and Extreme G 802, 802.11 routers which are highly compatible with the Wifi at present. Second is the wireless adapter that is required or connecting the network. wireless adapters also comes in many specification  such as DWL G650 is card adapter that is compatible with the windows operating system and note books and Personal computers ,it is also equally reliable for the windows Xp home based systems.
  2. Next you need a connection like broad band to access the internet which comes typically with the dialing modem or DSL modems.
  3. In case of static IP address Ethernet cable is also required.
  4. if your connection is DSL then you must require provide username and password by the service providers more specifically ISP
  5. Another requirement is the usable Mac address that will support all the connected wireless network adapters.
  6. It is recommended to keep a notebook and pen to write down the MAC and IP setting s and addressee because you may need it further during Wifi configuration.

Installation of Wireless Adapters.

Now install the wireless adapters by following the provide instructions.

  1. Install wireless adapter in the system that are required to be connected to the attached router.
  2. if you are using the Card adapter you may require to install the software for support before starting hardware installation. This require complete shutdown of the system, install adapter and reboot the complete computer to make it ready for installing wireless. To avoid the computer reboot it is recommended to use wireless adapters which are independent of additional software installations.
  3. When system is restarted automatically new hardware wizard will run which will atomically activate the adapter and it become ready to use.

Configuring WiFi

If the system doesn’t automatically detect the Wifi network you may need to perform few more steps.

  1. For configuring click networking icon that is available in the system tab
  2. From appeared dialog box of Wireless Network Connection click “advanced” and choose theWireless network tab.
  3. Select my wireless network setting ok system will be restarted.
  4. now set security parameters to activate the secure connection by accessing IP address to the browser
  5. Configure the network for changing the name SSID by simply clicking wireless button present in the network setting in control panel.
  6. enable the Wifi network encryption to stay protected from hackers and data stealers ,wireless adapter offers WPA protected access encryption technique for the  Wifi security through the wired Equivalent Privacy encryption algorithms.
  7. next step is the Mac address filtration .for extra safety apply the limit the Mac address by fix the router routines .enter Mac address in Wifi adapter and save it
  8. For improving the performance choose 802.11 for all the available wireless system in the network. This mode will help you speed up the communication.
  9. Next step is saving and exit the step the wireless network is activated.