Components of Personal Computer

The introduction of personal computers and the softwares have changed the way we used to live. Now we can not imagine a life without PC. Everyone is connected to the outer world through internet. This internet has set a foundation for communication technologies. The market of personal computers and related hardware is on its peak. However over time there are many rapid developments in the computers like from the typical desktop computers to the modern laptops and palm tops.

Primary Hardware Components of a PC

If we analyze our PC as a machine it has many complicated circuits and it has many hardware components like hard disk, RAM, CD ROM, DVD driver, monitor, mouse, keyboard and CPU. When we go to buy a PC we can either buy PC which is fully assembled having all the essential hardware components like monitor, CPU, keyboard and mouse or we can buy an unassembled system. The unassembled system allows us to buy a central processing unit of different company, separate mouse and a keyboard of different brand. The range and variety of all primary PC components is so much that we can change them every week. The development has not yet stop now there are wireless keyboards and laser mice available in the market. The development in the computers have also replaced many components like in laptops the screen and the mouse is attached in one single machine.

Memory Components of a PC

Memory components of a computer are like heart of the entire PC. It is the storage capability that has made the PC desirable for domestic and commercial applications. Random access memory and hard disk are two primary storage components of a PC. Random access memory or RAM is an impermanent storage of data. This data is not stored permanently and is automatically erased from the memory when the specific software application is closed. In order to increase the efficiency and speed of your PC, increase the RAM. The PC can perform various operations using this temporary memory. The time wasted in copying the data backward and forward to hard disk can be saved. On the contrary hard disk is the undeviating memory of the computer. The data we save during different software applications is not erased unless we want to clear it from the hard disk. The performance of the PC can be improved only if we increase the rotation and access speed of the hard disk. DVD or CD ROM is also important to store and carry software and other related data, which also helps in storing the data.

Types of Personal Computers and Related Hardware

There are many different types of personal computers like desktop, net books, laptop, palm top, single unit and works stations. The usual components of a computer may include central processing unit, mother board, main memory, video card, hard disk, and mouse keyboard and computer case. However the modern computers like palm tops, net books and laptops have removed the additional use of many hardware components like mice and keyboard. However if see and observe that the development in technology has erased the use of many hardware devices but the software needs are still there. For example if we install windows operating system in a desktop Pc and a laptop. We have to install pertinent softwares like windows office etc. the performance and speed of the Pc can be increased by using many softwares and hardware devices like PCI cards additional memory etc. today computer is like a basic necessity , it is a part of all commercial projects. It is the companion of students and travelers.