Computer Hardware and Its Types

Computer hardware is the physical component attached to your PC. It can not be modified or changed regularly. It is fixed to its place and requires complex examination in order to be rectified or repaired. Computer hardware is entrenched inside a steel covering therefore it is not visible to the end users. Computer hardware is of many different types and models. There are unlimited manufacturers of the computer hardware today. However there are only few big names. Let us take a brief look at the types of computer hardware

Features of Hardware

Hardware has many components which are important to the working of the computer like software hardware devices. The basic hardware of the computer is mother board, RAM and CPU. However there are many different devices which are supporting the functioning of computer like mouse, data ports, monitor and removable storage devices. The supporting hardware devices are divided into sub groups further like web cam, joystick, sound card and track ball etc. hardware is something which you can touch and feel and which can not communicate with you. Hardware is breakable or can be destroyed by external forces like shattered, hitting and electricity voltages.

Main Types of Computer Hardware

Computer hardware is divided into many different parts. The most important types of computer hardware are mother board, central processing unit, random access memory, basic input output system, power supply, video display controller, computer bus and hard disk.  An alternate name to main board or system board, mother board is a central circuit, which is a complicated electronic board kept into computer for working as an electronic machine. The next most important type of computer hardware is CPU. Central processing unit seeks the software commands and interprets and process data. Random access memory is the key component which allows the data to be reached in any form. Next is the basic input output system, which loads and runs the software. Power supply takes electric current to the output load. Video display controller helps in the logical conversion of the visual data in order to run a signal to be used by display medium. Computer bus is used to transfer the data within the computer or with other computers. Hard disk is the stable that stores data and information on a magnetic surface, placed on hard disk platters.

Some other Supporting Hardware

Some other types of hardware include CD ROM drive, Floppy disk and Zip drive. The hardware such as Floppy drive is no more in use. Floppy drive is a data storage device which was used to run a floppy. This mode of data transfer was slow and prone to viruses. The data in the floppy gets contaminated even after two to three times. However it was an inexpensive way of carrying data. CD ROM drives stands for compact disk read only memory. It is used to store data and softwares. This important medium is the million dollar business for software producers. CD is run on the CD ROM.CD can carry data and softwares to the ultimate users. The various applications which this device can carry are games, multimedia information, songs and movies. Zip drive is medium capacity storage device which is removable. It was introduced by Iomega in 1994. Mouse is another very important hardware device. It has two buttons, known as left and right mouse key. It has a central wheel which is used to move page high and low. The mouse is supported with a mouse pointer which helps in surfing through the display pages. Beside this computer hardware devices there are many more like Key Board, speakers, microphone and monitor.