Advantages of Computer Networking

Computer networks have highly benefited various fields of educational sectors, business world and many organizations. They can be seen every where they connect people allover the world. There are some major advantages which compute networks has provided making the human life more relaxed and easy. Some of them are listed below


Communication is one of the biggest advantages provided by the computer networks. Different computer networking technology has improved the way of communications people from the same or different organization can communicate in the matter of minutes for collaborating the work activities. In offices and organizations computer networks are serving as the backbone of the daily communication from top to bottom level of organization. Different types of software can be installed which are useful for transmitting messages and emails at fast speed.

Data sharing

Another wonderful advantage of computer networks is the data sharing. All the data such as documents, file, accounts information, reports multi media etc can be shared with the help computer networks. Hardware sharing and application sharing is also allowed in many organizations such as banks and small firms. .

Instant and multiple accesses

Computer networks are multiply processed .many of users can access the same information at the same time. Immediate commands such as printing commands can be made with the help of computer networks.

Video conferencing

Before the arrival of the computer networks there was no concept for the video conferencing. LAN and WN have made it possible for the organizations and business sectors to call the live video conferencing for important discussions and meetings.

Internet Service

Computer networks provide internet service over the entire network. Every single computer attached to the network can experience the high speed internet. Fast processing and work load distribution

Broad casting

With the help of computer networks news and important messages can be broadcasted just in the matter of seconds who saves a lot of time and effort of the work.

People, can exchange messages immediately over the network any time or we can say 24 hour.

Photographs and large files

Computer network can also be used for sending large data file such as high resolution photographs over the computer network to more then when users at a time.

Saves Cost

Computer networks save a lot of cost for any organizations in different ways. Building up links thorough the computer networks immediately transfers files and messages to the other people which reduced transportation and communication expense. It also raises the standard of the organization because of the advanced technologies that re used in networking.

Remote access and login

Employees of different or same organization connected by the networks can access the networks by simply entering the network remote IP or web remote IP. In this the communication gap which was present before the computer networks no more exist.


Computer networks are quite flexible all of its topologies and networking strategies supports addition for extra components and terminals to the network. They are equally fit for large as well as small organizations.


Computer networks are reliable when safety of the data is concerned. If one of the attached system collapse same data can be gathered form another system attached to the same network.

Data transmission

Data is transferred at the fast speed even in the scenarios when one or two terminals machine fails to work properly. Data transmission in seldom affected in the computer networks.  Almost complete communication can be achieved in critical scenarios too.