Extranet vs Intranet

What is Extranet?

It is defined as the network that has been designed for developing a communication between the employees of the particular company having different type pf important pages and this network is also associated with the internet with the help of internet protocol and the different gateways is called as extranet. In this specific username and password is used for the sake authentication and security as well. Generally this network consists of those documents that are the essential of the important components of the particular company. Extranet is also called as the extension to the intranet for the sake of accessing it publicly.

What is Intranet?

A special type of network that operates over the local area network or LAN that keeps some important HTML pages of the specific company and only the employees of that company can be used those pages in a particular organization for the sake of business is called as the intranet. Such network has no link with the internet technology because it does not have access publicly. Some times intranet is also referred to as the private internet house. But we can change the intranet to the extranet with the help of firewall and gateways. Generally intranet technology uses the internet protocols for the development of the network.

How Extranet Works?

Extranet works in a very specific manner because it keeps particular network of the particular organization. With the help of extranet company provide the public access to their customers or the employees and enhance their business. Working principles of the extranet are completely associated with the internet protocols, so it is quite convenient to search such network with the help of their browser but after the attachment of the server of the company only. On the internet technology architecture of extranet can be maintained by using some specific usernames and passwords. Own the major key component of the extranet working is the local areas network or LAN.

How Intranet Works?

Intranet works like the same as the extranet but it is slightly different from it. It is different in that way it does not provide the access publicly and it is only associated with the employees and the organization. Working off the intranet is quite similar to that of internet technology but its navigation is little different. With the help of such network only the members of the company can take advantages and enhance the business. Different types of HTML pages have been placed over the network for the sake of the convenience of the employers of the company. Some times intranet is also used to develop a relation with internet through gateway then it is called as extranet.

Benefits of Extranet:

As extranet is the network that plays a vital role in maintaining the business and also provides the convenient way of working to employers. So it has many benefits that plays a useful role in a particular organization, some important of then are given below.

  1. With the help of extranet technology companies can exchange the data at large scale.
  2. Important catalogs can be shared between the partners of the particular companies.
  3. Online banking is also one of the important advantages of the extranet.

Benefits of Intranet:

Similarly as extranet has many benefits, intranet also have some advantages that governs the communication in an organization specifically. Some of them are listed as follows

  1. Communication with the other employees or partners with in the companies organization fro the sake of sharing some resources or management.
  2. With the help of intranet companies can increase their production by reducing the work and saving the time.
  3. Cost effective and also enhance the work collaboration.