What are Gateways – How Computer Gateway Works?

The world of information technology is far ahead than what human beings perceived about it in last century. There is no end to this world of interconnection. The world has shrunk. Distance is no more distance. There is no need to travel thousands of miles. You can get access to any destination right at your home. Yes the chance of discovery has reduces as nothing left undiscovered, we have already turned all stones. It is impossible to look at our lives without putting in it the image of some personal computers, a laptop and of course a smart phone.

All this abridging of distances and development of knowledge is primarily based on the internet. The internet has no doubt revolutionized our lives and will certainly transform the world into (near future) smaller destination. The internet can connect the user of Antarctica to any one from the continent of Asia. Time and place is no more a hurdle. But the world of internet is not as simple as I or you imagine it. Infect none of us ever bother to imagine what internet it. It is widely accessible and all we do is to take benefit of the invention or the idea without knowing what and how it is.

I am going to discuss gateways in this post because I want to enlighten you on the subject of internet trafficking and data sharing, although it is not possible to encompass the whole idea of internet into a single post. Let us start from the start.

A junction that allows one to enter into a network or used as an exit to go out of the network is known as gateway. The node on internet, the stopping point, is called a host node or gateway. A gateway node is that computer which is used to control and manage traffic and bandwidth on your company’s network or at your ISP (internet service provider) or network. Mostly, ISPs themselves provide gateway to the users in their homes that connects them to the internet.

Simply, a gateway is an entrance a point to access a network other than yours. It is an inter operatings system that has a capacity to serve several networks at a time. It can either be in the form of software or hardware. The function of gateway node is of firewall or proxy server in the enterprise network.

A router could be a device or computer software that informs you about the data sent to the network next to the next computer. Sounds complex! Let me explain further. It is a common practice to attach a gateway to the router. A router is usually associated with more than two networks. For data, it is used to decide the upcoming destination which depends on its understanding of the condition of the other networks. The question still prevails, why gateways use routers. Well, a router uses headers and forwarding tables to sort out the destination where data or packets should be sent and gives path by the help of which the information can be sent in and out of the gateway.

There are two sides of a gateway: a hub or switch is used to connect the LAN side to your private network where the WAN is connects to a cable. Its basic function is to make a route of the traffic from to the internet and from the internet to the computer. It is used to make a portal between two or more networks that are physically and logically different from each other. A gateway can be made by any computer that is quipped with two NIC cards.

  • The configuration of public side is commonly composed of ISP gateway IP address, subnet mask, DNS server, IP address and host name. One more thing, you must have to activate the PPPoE in your gateway if your ISP uses PPoE.
  • You have to activate DHCP to configure the private side of the gateway. There are some settings that must be a part of all those computers that are a part of some network, without which computers can neither become member of certain network or able to communicate through it. The activation of DHCP will automatically enable all computers on your network to accept the settings from the DHCP server. You must also ensure that the installation of TCP/IP protocol on each and every computer is appropriate. Carry out a reboot after configuring all computers.
  • When all computers on your network are rebooted then a blinking under the network icon on the task bar will be visible. In case everything has gone perfect then you can access not only internet but also share data on your network and use printer. To monitor the uncertified traffic on your network, it can also configure a firewall.

Out of numerous paths, a gateway is just a single way to express ourselves in the World Wide Web. To transfer data back and forth while entering various networks is only possible by the virtue of a gateway. For running more than two networks on single computer software are available. To have a gateway on one’s computer is very beneficial.