How to Setup Wireless Repeater, Configure Wireless Repeater

Initially let’s start off that what is a wireless repeater? Then we will move further that how to set up it.Wireless repeaters are generally used to extend range of your existing network.

A wireless repeater is a small piece of hardware that can enlarge your network significantly without the need to use any kind of wiring or any additional hardware. Wireless repeaters, on the other hand, are the best way to enlarge the range of an existing wireless LAN instead of adding up more access points. A WLAN repeater is not actually combined or attached by wires to the other parts of the network. As a substitute, it receives radio signals from an access point, end user device, or any other repeater and retransmits the frames.

This is the right moment so let’s begin that how to set up wireless repeater:

How to set up wireless repeater:

Set the SSID:

SSID stands for Service Set Identifier. First of all we have to match the SSID of the repeater with the specific access point that we have. Mostly all the repeaters are like wireless network card that automatically associates with the access point with full signals.

Set the MAC Addresses

MAC (Media Access Control address) is a unique address that is assigned to most network adapters. Assign explicit MAC addresses of the preferred to the secondary access points as an option. MAC address should be the same one as the router’s address; otherwise you are going to face some severe issues. This is just to make sure that you’re operating the right hardware that’s companionable with your router.

Finally check the result:

After setting the SSID, MAC address and all basic features of the wireless repeater, the next step is to check that our setting is appropriate or not. The repeater and router should be placed closely in order to repeat the signal appropriately. 

With a bit of luck we have effectively set the wireless connection without facing any problem. Subsequent to that if you feel that the signals of wireless is not as such strong then here are some tips that how you can improve the signals:

  1. Place your router near at your place
  2. Set the router antenna
  3. Place the router on high place
  4. Turn off the router when you are not using it
  5. Keep away from interference (electrical equipment)

Generally speaking, wireless repeaters are incredible way to increase the radio range of an existing WLAN, mostly if it’s not useful to install an additional access point to completely cover the location. Just don’t get conceded with installing too many repeaters to keep performance up.