Types of Broadband

What is Broadband?

Literally Broadband means different type of connections or the configurations related to the internet technology. But typically broadband is that type of technology that support the internet connection for the sake of the voice and the data communication with the help of fiber optical cables as compared to the ordinary telephone or the copper wires is called as the broadband. But if we discuss the broadband in the telecommunication then we have come to know the actual meaning of the broadband. A type of technology by which users can do the data transmission at different frequencies among different places is called as the broadband.


Important Types of Broadband:

 As it is clear from the name ‘Broadband’ that a technology in which large bandwidth is involved. So broadband can be categorized in to number of types and also available in different varieties on the basis of the bandwidth and configuration. Broadband can be branched into different type on the basis of their rate of communication, their cost etc. so it depends upon the customers or the users which type they want. Some of the common and the valuable broadband connections are given below with their little description.

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line ADSL:

First type of the broadband is the asymmetric digital subscriber line or ADSL that is one of the important and the major forms. ADSL is very much famous among the users or the customers because both type of customers either commercial or home users can afford and use the asymmetric digital subscriber line for the sake of communication. It is completely dependant upon the copper wires of the typical telephone and provides wide range frequency for communication. As it is configure on the telephone line but the telephone line is not disturbed while surfing internet technology. It provides the speed min 125 kbps and max 5 mbps of downloading and 50K to 1mbps of uploading.

Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line SDSL:

Another important type of the broadband is the symmetric digital subscriber line or SDSL. It is a type which is quite similar to that of the DSL in such way that all the services of SDSL are provided by the same service providers that can manage you telephone service. But it is not good as ADSL because the user or the customer need another phone line for the sake of such broadband connection. The speed of the downloading and uploading is similar such as if downloading speed is 1 mbps then uploading will be the same.

Cable Broadband:

A most simple type of the broadband connection is the cable broadband connection. It is that method in which the common cables that are used in the TV are used to build the internet connection and some type of DSL is also involved in that. In some areas it is more popular as compared to the ADSL and SDSL. The rate of the cable broadband matters and depends upon the connectivity of the locations but in the range of 2 to8.5 mbps. Downloading speed is high than uploading and ADSL connection and the cable are same in price.

Satellite Broadband:

Next important type pf broadband connection is the satellite broadband, it is that type pf broadband connections that belongs to the village areas because there is no booster or wires so they can catch there signals directly from the satellite and access the internet in such locations for the sake of data transmission or communication. For this purpose a specific hardware is used and also a dish device. It provides almost a speed of 128 kbps to the customers to the users and maximum to 2 mbps.