What is Data Bus

What is Data bus?

data bus is defined as the collection or a sequence of the signal line that are responsible for carrying data form one computer to another computer or from one destination to another destination. Basically is used to transfer the data to the external drives and also referred as the internal bus. it the bus that is also responsible for connecting the internal components of the computer to the central processing unit and Random access memory(main memory).it serves as the common path for connecting several circuits points such as power and ground bus connections. Data bus only carries digital information. In other word data in the form of 0s and 1s can travel through data bus.

How data bus works.
Data bus works as an important internal device; it has the group of wires that can connect the various components of the computer system. Each wire of the data bus carries digital signal representing specific data. It also works simultaneously by multiplexing the internal circuit and performs the multiple tasks at the same time. Time differentiation is high in data buses. When data bus works only one of the lines can send data forward, rest of the pins are receives at this time. Only one gate way is providing for sending the data through the data bus. There are several buses that support the information flow in both directions; these are known as bi directional data buses. A local bus may vary in speed; it comes in compatibility of the processor.

Data bus  architectures.
The main architecture of all the data buses regardless of processors is always same. Every one of them contains the pins for carrying the address or data. Its tested architecture by the VME is 32 bit with the through put rate of 40 mega bytes per second. Hundreds of peripheral device are available in the market that are connected with the help of data buses to the components of the computer. Intel has also designed some products with little difference , the PCI was deigned by Intel  which is dynamic in working. it is not provide in fixed form with nay of the processors but can work with any processor to which it is attached. PCI is very famous in the industrial and commercial sector because of its platform independence. The wide range of PCI is from 32 to 64 bit and it has the peak throughput of high 140 mega bytes per second which is an ideal rate form high speed processing. No different vendors are standardized PCI and its 25mb/s version is produced by 4 different manufacturers.Specifications for the data bus for the broad may vary according to the size of the board. Larger board require more integration and also large volume because of the several types of interface sit has.

Types of Data bus
There are two main types of the data bus.

Data bus :the data bus transfer the entire data form one location to another location it doesn’t contain anything in it regarding the address of the data being carried.

Address bus. Address bus carries the total address of the data which is being carried by the data bus. This bus determines that where data should should be stored and go. It’s a faster bus and process the address of the data in matter of nano seconds. High speed data bus is mostly used in the large applications and functions such as military data and commercial data files. Many of them are use in the telemetry commands and subsystems. Every CPU has both the data bus and address bus of for the successful data transmission.