What is Hub – What is Computer Hub

There are different types of devices that are responsible for the networking, one of them is hub. It is defined as the networking device that is used to build a connection between the different computers to perform the tasks like a single network is called as the networking hub. The main function of the networking hub is to amplify the data packets in the form of electrical signal over the whole connected networks.

Construction of Hub:

Basically the hub consists of the box that should be of rectangular shape made up of plastic to make it unbreakable. A power cable is connected to the hub for giving the power to the device from the ordinary source. Different types of ports are configured in the hub box of the sake of the connection of different networks through network cables. Minimum at least four systems are connected with a single small hub. The larger hub has ability to connect more then 20 ports at a single time and can provide working to all users.

How Network Hub Works?

Working of the networking hub depends upon its construction and the types that is used for the networking. Basically the main function of the hub is to connect the multi computers with the single device and then perform like a single network. Different computers are connected with the hub with the help of individual ports and then perform different type o networking tasks as a single network. The main responsibility of the hub is to amplify the data in the form of electrical signals and then broadcast the data over the network. A big advantage of the hub is to share the different applications without the individual access and can share the resources with the help of hub. So hub provides a convenient and easy networking for all the users connected to the device.

Computer hub

Types of Hub:

On the basis of working and the performance networking hub is differentiated into the three different types. The brief descriptions of these three types are as follows

Passive Hub:

The first type of the networking hub is the passive hub. Passive hub does not perform any particular function but it just behaves like a bridge between the cables of connection and just receives the information and forwards it with out any change in topology.

Active Hub:

Second type of the networking hub is the active hub. This type of hub is quite similar to that of the passive hub but can perform the additional tasks. Active hubs are those hubs that can work as connector between two regions but also has ability to regenerate the information with the help of strong electrical signals. it is also called as the multi port repeater. It helps in the communication and can upgrade the properties of the signals before delivery.

Intelligent Hub:

The third and the last type of the hub that can perform the both functions of the active and the passive hub is generally referred to as the intelligent hub. Basically this hub provides the opportunity to increase the speed of networking and also make the performance of the network efficient as compared to other devices. Addition to their specific work intelligent hubs can also perform the different functions that of routing, bridging etc.

Benefits of Hubs:

There are many advantages of the networking computer hubs. Some of the important benefits are as follows

  1. With the help of hubs we can create a home network easily.
  2. Hubs can also monitor the whole network in a real inexpensive way
  3. It also provide the opportunity to the users to connect their old devices with their hub drives