What is Network Operating System

Network operating system that is generally called as the NOS is defined as the type of software that manages and monitor the activities of the different type of software and the hardware programs that are used to run over the particular network is called as the network operating system. Another important function of the network operating system is that it provides the way to users to connect with different computer systems over network for the sake of communication, sharing different type of resources and establish a multi computer workstation associated with the server or the main computer.


Important Features of the Network Operating System:

As network operating system really helpful in maintaining the networking and file with the help of multi computers so it has lots of features different from the typical operting system. Some of the important features of the NOS are listed below.

  1. The first feature of the network operating system related to the operative circumstances is that it play a vital role in managing the processors and different type protocols that are used in the communicating between different computers and also share different resources.
  2. Most of the NOS have automatic detection of the hardware of that typical computer system on which they are installed and can be able to control the activity of the networking applications running on over the network.
  3. Network operating system also has ability to provide the security to the computer systems. Generally they enables those features of the security that are used in communication and networking such as authentication, logon control and many more.
  4. Network operating system also has different features in the networking such as management of network and files sharing connections and also manages the local area connections.
  5. One of the important features of the NOS is that it also allows the users to check balance the network as administrator of the network.

How Network Operating System Works?

Network of the computer can be established by connecting different type of computers to form the multi computer workstation. And all of the computers take part in the computer network that is associated with the single main computer that is called as server. Different type pf optical derives are also connected in the network. Here on the main computer or the server network operating system is installed and from her it can monitors all the activities of the systems connected to it and provide opportunities to share the files or data. Network administrators the main component the working of the network operating system, it is that person who manages the network operating system and responsible for configuring NOS to wireless or wired networks. Another important component of the NOS is the file server. File server is the device such is provided by the network operating system for the sake of the data storage to the clients associated with that network. Network operating system can also play a vital role between the file server and the network i.e. monitors the sharing information. The common network operating systems that are used presently are UNIX, Windows XP, 2000 server and Netware etc.

Types of Networking Operating System:

Network operating system is categorized into number of types but the some of the important types of the network operating system are given below

Novel’s Netware:

A type of NOS that depends upon the XNS protocol and provides support to the desktop systems is called as Novell NetWare

Microsoft LAN Manager:

Another important type of network operating system that has been introduced by the Microsoft is the LAN manager. It is associated with the server a software applications and the common users are NT or 2000 etc.