Android Vs Windows – Mobile operating systems


Operating systems are the hearts of the computer systems world wide., without these master software hardware is of no use to human or any machine. Different kinds of software’s are available in the market but the most famous one was windows because of the features that are provided time to time by the Microsoft. They are so smooth and competent s compared to the other available operating systems in the markets. but now android are the latest operating system software that are up to the mark as windows by Microsoft .they are getting fame day by day because of the excellent serving feature for the users.


Both of the operating system is best for the mobile and pc users but there are some factors that can distinguish android from the windows.


  • Windows doesn’t have the wide range o the Google gadgets that android provide to its user  , more specifically mobile users.


Andriod is expensive than the pure licensed window operating system by Microsoft because of the additional feature and compatibility with almost every hardware and software application brand.
Microsoft and Google previously had little match ups but the arrival of android ranked the Google equal to the Microsoft.

Largest Computing

Android offers the large range of applications and smart phone application to its users. it provide specific installations and setups for the Google chromes that Microsoft windows doesn’t. According to the review android has the largest computing capability with totally graphical user interfaces to its users with diverse application purposes.

Google and Microsoft has the huge competitions with the product that supports the related operating systems such as Apple(AAPL.0) and Nokia (NOKIV.HE).

Windows focused on the personal computer space and monitoring, while Android focus on the strangler’s holder by the windows to diversify its use.

Mobile Technology

Mobile are the most latest and popular medium of computation .because technology has integrated the whole computer system in a single mobile set. When mobile technology is concerned Android is level ahead than windows in just 3 months of its arrival. it user fold goes to 8 while the windows has 3.7 million people.

Windows are one of the quick operating systems that offer reliable speed and execution setting to its users. But android has simplified the internal coding which makes it quick fates than the windows.
Google product such as android is more flexible than the product manufactured by the Microsoft. That is why people today are adapting the android technology instead of Microsoft application versions.
Another advancement of the android is that this software has all the capabilities of operating system as well as mobile agent which offer different features to its users.

Features of the Android

Application framework application framework enables the users to replace and reorganize the competent of the software. This feature is not supported by the windows.

Dalvik virtual machine another difference is the use of new virtual machines, more advanced than one sued by the windows. Dalvik virtual machine allows the users to optimize the devices.

Advanced and Optimized graphics powered by a custom 2D graphics library; 3D graphics based on the OpenGL ES 1.0 specification.

Data Storage. Structural Data storage with the SQ structures.

Media support it can support almost all the formats of audio and video files including formats (MPEG4, H.264, MP3, AAC, AMR, JPG, PNG, GIF).

Development environment development environment offered includes rich components such as debugging tools and memory profiling devices.

Drawbacks as compared to the windows
Some of the lacking weak pints of the android are the hardware dependability that it has for certain use such Bluetooth, Wi fi, Edge 3D,Camera , GPS, compass etc.