Uses of Mac Operating system

Mac operating system was originally announced in 1984.  Mac OS are the line of GUI operating systems designed by Apple. Early Mac OS was not promoted properly because Apple wants to make its OS more machines friendly. The attributes of Mac makes it desirable to use. Let us analyze some of them closely


Flexible Networking Support

All of the Mac operating systems contained an easy to use network built in mechanism right from its inception. Apple Talk protocol was the base of this flexible connection. This protocol allows the network administrators to establish and connect a series of Mac computers in minutes. Most of the Macintosh computers were loaded with standard Ethernet and TCP/IP protocol support in order to connect with any PC on the network. Moreover this OS was able to quickly identify and connect the hardware peripherals. Therefore it was really easy to connect printers and scanners in the network. The users of Mac, which are using it at home, can also make use of this quick service. Every Mac computer contains a SCSI port which allows the user to connect any device such a printer to it and make it work in minutes. However today’s a Mac computer have no SCSI ports, they are more often blessed with firewire.

Easy Driver Management

It is the claim of the company that the Mac users do not have to worry about complicated management of drivers. The users of the Mac do not neither have to worry about the drivers they are using nor about the time and money needed to spend on driver management. On the contrary when a person is indulged with any other OS like Windows he/she has to bear in mind many things. Like for example looking for correct driver, circumvent old drivers and eliminating the driver inconsistency. Therefore the Mac users do not have to look for the best compatible hardware in order to operate. The easy driver management made it easier for the users to install softwares and to experiment with the Mac OS. However little knowledge about the drivers such as firewall and USB form any of the Apple’s website makes it work for the users.

Some other Advantages

Macintosh users have the facility to use and install hardware cards and make use of them in minutes instead of hours. This helps the Mac users to avoid the monotonous delay and also resolve configuration issues for them. The addition of new cards make it difficult for the clients to avail the opportunity of Plug and Play. Mac is much more stable then windows. Mac operating systems are fast and more reliable. The most obvious advantage of installing Mac operating systems is that they are really secure. They are not prone to the virus and Malware risks. The viruses residing in junk mails also find it harder to attack the Pc operating with Mac OS. This operating system is compatible for unlimited options of softwares. Moreover it is secure and safe at the same time. It is fast at the same time it is stable and efficient. Mac is a graphical user interface OS, which provides user the facility to perform smart operations. One does not have to reboot Mac again and again. It is hard for the intruder to mess with Mac OS. This due to amazing security and safety features of Mac. The initial start up time for Macintosh is also very less. It is reliable and a safe operating system. Mac is most often preferred in organizations like Banks and investigation agencies. Thus it is difficult for the hackers to break into any Macintosh network.