Disadvantages of MAC operating system – limitation of MAC

Mac operating system is considered really secure this I because there are few number of users till now. If however the number keeps on increasing day by day then we might face serious security risk even with this operating systems well. Mac OS is designed to work on limited computers. Most often they are designed to run on Apple hardware therefore we can say that Mac operating system is really compatible but only for Apple computers.

Main Disadvantages of Mac Operating System

First of all there is no way to upgrade the Mac operating system, instead every time you have to buy a new OS. This factor doubles its cost. Mac OS is really very compatible to Apple PC’s and Laptops. Apple PC’s and laptops are on the other hand very expensive. Mac operating system is not a good choice for gamers because there are not many games stored on this OS.  Mac operating systems are not for everyone they are mostly used by graphic designers. It is difficult to theme Mac OS. Mac operating systems are not that user friendly. Therefore if you want to install new OS on your PC go for some other option. The software developers and hardware developers for this OS are same therefore there are limited number of software applications for this OS like games etc. it is really stable but not that stable than Linux is. It is an expensive OS and contains really bad interface. Moreover it is not compatible with majority of the hardware.

Disadvantages of Mac OS X

So far there is no software compatibility available for Mac OS. All the Windows applications can not work or operate on this operating system. Hence trying to install any of the windows applications like Adobe Photoshop on Mac X would go all in vain. The Mac OS versions need most advance and latest hardware in order to run. It is an expensive operating system.  It is termed to be really secure and safe against viruses but the question is how long. This OS is safe until there are not plenty of users. It is expensive therefore people find it harder to use. It is more convenient for professional users. The hardware compatibility is very limited. The most compatible hardware is Apple laptops which only few can afford.  Mac OS X is not customized and its programming and modification lies entirely in the hands of the company. Incase of any failure the customer has to wait long till his problem is resolved form the company .when you are  using Mac OS you do not have plenty of choice to switch to the desired hardware instead you have to choose from the limited variety of hardware. Most suitable hardware for any Mac OS X would be Apple computers.

Brief Comparison to Windows

The comparison of Mac with other operating systems like Windows would help in highlighting some more disadvantages of this operating system. First of all there are more users of Windows as compared to the Mac. This is because windows users find it very interactive and the interface of Windows is not very complex. If at any level Windows users need any help and guidance he can seek it from unlimited Windows users. On the other hand the users of Mac are few and the interface is complex. One has to ask the professionals in case of any problem with the operating system. The file management in Windows is easier as compared to the Mac. The Windows save dialogue box offers more convenient and flexible options to save delete or rename a file. No matter what windows do Mac is more stable and secure.