The 5G Cellular Technology – 5G Networks – What is 5G technology

Introduction to 5G technology

The world has seen a lot of changes in the realm of communication. Today we no more use landlines. Everyone possesses a mobile phone that functions nine to seven. Our handsets not only keep us connected with the world at large but also serve the purpose of entertainment gadget. From 1G to 2.5G and from 3G to 5G this world of telecommunications has seen a number of improvements along with improved performance with every passing day.

5G technology is on its way to change the way by which most of the users access their handsets. Users will go through a level of call volume and data transmission with 5G pushed over a VOIP enables gadget. With increasing awareness of customers with respect to upcoming technologies, affordable packages and good looks; it is very important that mobile producers must give an altogether decent package for keeping up the customer loyalty. The most important and leading motive of leading mobile phone manufacturers is the creation of best and latest technology to compete with innovative market giants. We have seen great cell phones one after another, with unbelievable traits. Apple has remained successful in shivering the electronic world by putting forth its latest iPhone 4G that take the market by storm.

In such a small electronic piece huge features are getting embedded. There are very few mobiles left without mp3 player or/and camera. People are focusing on getting everything without spending a penny more. Keeping in mind the user’s pocket, economic cell phones are introduced with maximum features. With 5G technology you can hook you mobile phone to your laptop for broadband internet access. The characteristics especially video player, camera, mp3 recorder, messengers, photo treatment and games have made today’s mobile phone a handheld computer.

The developed world is already utilizing 4G and it is beyond imagination that what will be engulfed in 5G as everything is already embedded such as smallest mobile phones, speed dialing, largest memory, audio and video player, Microsoft office, etc. Pico net and Bluetooth technology has made data sharing a child’s play.

Initially infra red kept us bound for properly aliening two handset devices for data sharing. We still remember the disturbance and irritation caused in transferring data but the advent of Bluetooth changed the history. It enabled us to share data between two gadgets within a range of 50 meters. With the swiftness in data sharing the cell phone manufactures focused on mobile broadband that can open a new window of communication and navigation in the world of telecommunications.

5G technology will change the manner in which cellular plans are offered worldwide. A new revolution is about to begin. The global cell phone is around the corner. The global mobile phone will hit the localities who can call and access from China to Germany’s local phone with this new technology. The way in which people are communicating will altogether upgrade. The utilization of this gadget will surely move a step ahead with improved and accessible connectivity around the world. Your office will shrink into your handset with this cell phone that is going to resemble PDA (personal digital assistant) of twenty first century.

This 5G technology and its predecessors are going to give tough competition to laptops and normal computers whose market will be affected. The market is still not easy to grab with mobile phone currently equip with gigabytes of storage and latest operating systems.  The telecommunication sector is going on blooming and its bloom is expected to stay for a very long time. Latest technology will come in more affordable rates and better features. Plans are in pipeline. Let’s wait and

see how the world will look like with 5G!