What is Soft Switch

What is Soft Switch

A Soft switch is the centrally located device which is used in telecommunications for connecting the telephone calls over the various phone lines totally under the supervision of computer software running on one system .physical switch board are used as the main hardware that acts for carrying calls form one line to another line. These are the routes for the traveling of signals. If we talk about the soft switch technology it is widely used in the field of networking and telecommunications in all local and broad systems.

How it Works?

Softswitch works in the telecommunication sectors for different kind of purposes. It works with the working of its two parts the advanced research has decomposed the soft switch central device into two sub parts which are as follows.

  • Call Agent
  • Media Gateway.

Call Agent:

The call agent is the first part of the soft switch; this part takes care of the sequential functions such as bilking, call routing, transferring signals, call service and the other minor functionalities. A call agent can also control the functioning of the other part of Softswitch with the connections over the Transfer control Protocol (TCP) and internet protocol (IP) some times.

Media Gateway:

The second part of the soft switch is called media gate way which is responsible for the different types of digital streams that works collectively in the creation of end to end for the control of voice and call over the line. Many interfaces are involved in it which is used for connecting the media to the PSTN networks such as DS1, DS3 and sometimes E1 and US and No us networks. The call agent may control the functioning of the media gate way for connecting the media streams and also for the interfaces in keeping them transparent to the end users of the phone lines.

Applications of Soft Switch:

The most common application of soft switch is in the circuits and packets networks where they are used for connecting and controlling the junction point between two lines. The latest advanced in the technology of the soft switch. Made this connecting technique more useful in the field of call agencies and telecommunications in broader view.

Benefits of Soft switch:

Unlike he point devices soft switch has remarkable benefits for the users who are using this technology. Some of the advantages are listed below.

  • Softswitch has higher scalability. They usually work very wickedly by just handling the control part of the server saving the rest of the switch for the other purposes. They can handle more clients for the packet data switching.
  • No specific hardware is required for the soft switch they are completely platform independent which is very attractive feature of these switches .they can act well in any computer server environment.
  • Softswitch can be extended by just purchasing the extension license and the controlling connection over the ip. Some times PBX support or card is required for the expansion of the soft switches in the wide areas.
  • Some of the soft switch vendors provide open source to be used by other developers and end users even .this can help the developer and other programmers to enhance the existing code provide in the open source.
  • Its installation is very easy. It also allows remote installations for its user. Just remote access with the system containing the installed software set up. Its management is also easy. No extra maintenance is required for the soft switches.
  • Soft switches also provide the extra software based functionalities that no other networking device provides such as voice mails, call record, call billing etc, all this happens via software