Advantages & Features of Nanotechnology

 If we talk about the most successful technology till now in the world of scientific industry then nanotechnology is the name which blinks in the mind. This technology has wonderful features, which are not present in any other technology. The phenomena, which were not possible few years back, are now easily implemented with the help of nanotechnology. Some of its dynamic and mind-shaking features are described below.

Shaping memory materials

Nanotechnology introduced the techniques to distort the plastic and silicon structures, which allowed the recovering of the original shape of the material. This technology is named as SMM shaping memory materials. Metals and aluminum are reshaped and processed at nano-scale to produce a chip, which can store the bulk of information on it. Aluminum and silicon distortion was impossible before the arrival of nanotechnology

nano technology advantages

Assemblies and Chemical sensitivity of porphyrin

Porphyrins is the element with the unique binding properties that are widely exploited in natural world to attain beneficial and essential functions for life, nanotechnology has provided the most accurate and real some the mimic of these functions with synthetic counterparts which provides the basis of chemical bonding and sensitizing

NOTE: 2015 Documentary – Nano Revolution

Metal oxide nano-wires as chemical sensors

Another impressive feature of nanotechnology is that it made possible for the scientists to use metal oxides as the sensors. When metal are treated at nano scale they can carry huge amount of electrons and can be used as chemical sensors. , this was discovered in early nineties and nano-wires were introduced.

Use of nano-materials for water purification

Nanotechnology allowed the researchers to process the materials to be used in purification of drinking water such as sand, soil and even glass. Nano filtration plants are present in the developed countries of the world. Nano- materials can purify water up to 99.9 percent without affecting the original flavor the water. it was seen for the first time that nanotechnology can extract the safest drinking water.


Self-assembling the key feature of nanotechnology .there is no other technology in which molecules under processing can rearrange themselves easily. Molecular nanotechnology can produce many new components from the existing ones by simply rearranging themselves.

Miniaturizing mechanical surgery

Recent advances in sub-millimeter scale engineering showed the excellent work of nanotechnology in the field of medical sciences .nanotechnology introduced such devices, which do not even leave a scar after major surgeries. it has also miniaturized the surgical instruments which are used in the diagnostics and therapeutics applications.

Fabrication of electronic biosensors

Nanotechnology introduced the nano-fabrications, which has reduced the cost of some of the major health equipment that includes electronic biosensors. Detection biosensors, which are nanoly, structured detect and displays highly revolutionized images.

New carbon nanotubes AFM technology

Nanotechnology also ha great value in the field of nuclear sciences because of its extra-ordinary features to increase the atomic force. it was discovered in mid-nineties that uranium if processed at nano level can empower the five times more powerful nuclear bomb. Nanotechnology enlightens the nano-particle of carbon, .nanotubes of carbon are used to build ultra sharp tips for cutting the rigid surfaces. The technology of the new carbon tubes is named as AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy). The technology is used for the fabrication of probe tips with ultra sharp points .AFM is also used for synthesizing and for developing new components.

General Purpose technology

Nanotechnology can create machines, peripheral home appliances with best functioning until now. It is the only technology, which is general purpose. From Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to socks, all are processed at atomic scale for increasing and improving the quality of the product