Information Technology Trends 2013

Every year we come to know about new and well modified trends in the area of  Information Technology. Latest developments are mostly adapted quickly but sometime they vanish from the markets because of the poor economical experiences of early adopters. In current years some trends that are introduced and helped users for long run are Cloud Computing, Business Process Management, CRM, Customer Service Innovations, E-Commerce, Enterprise Information Management Programs, Improved Recoverability Tools, Network Capacity, Wireless Technologies, Open-Source Software, IT Industrialization etc. Now in coming year the major changes that can be experienced it technology are as followed.


Data Management, Visualization and IT Automation:

New tools are developed so that data can be managed automatically and then those complex data structures, their relationships and trends etc can be viewed as a visual. This tool is designed especially for helping businesses in improving their decision making techniques. Because of the use of this new trend now search engines can automatically store the important data at best place and can also remove the duplicate data form the system. And as visualization is re-emerging in this year so it’s going to help business in manipulating and exploring information.

Federated Clouds and Clouds Capability:

Federated cloud is a line between private and public cloud computing blurs. It link’s these two groups on the cloud. The issue that comes in the introduction of this trend is security.  It’s not possible to work in federated cloud without security concerns. As important data and information is going to be shared between people and businesses so its managements should not be at any risk. Now the new trend that is introduced this its capability issues is layering. Different layers are now added for accomplishing different purposes, like storage, security, management etc.

Intelligence Mobile Clients:

In the coming year introduction of new mobile computing devices is expected. These devices would automatically adjust bandwidth and website application software’s. With that unified storage and communication tools are also in the row of developments. Unified storage mean that duplication of data is now not possible and much less similar data is now stored. Because of the use of this tool now the threats of attack is also reduced. With this the LAN technology development has made it possible for users to communicate in a batter way. This trend is growing faster and faster with the passage of time.

HTML 5 and Social Communication:

Introduction of HTML5 in the next generation of Web Applications is a topic of debates between different peoples.  HTML5 would use Flash instead of Adobe. It’s under the process of development but the truth is that it is badly needed by businesses to address the potential markets. Types of social communication are as followed Social networking, Social collaboration, Social publishing and Social feedback.  There was a time when networking was not for data processing but now it is doing far more than this thing. It’s providing new platforms for the enterprises so that they can emerge technology into their businesses in a better and productive manner.

Applied Mobility:

In the coming year use of mobile applications and their developments are among the new trends. These applications are not only beneficial for Business to consumer markets but with that Business to Business market is also using those apps. Many businesses are now launching their own App stores to facilitate their customers. But these App stores are not only handled by one individual business, third party is mostly involved in handling that store.

Data Analytics Software, Next Generation Analytics and Social Analytics:

These are new trends whom are introduced to make sure that businesses are looking towards bringing changes in the use of their business information assets. They should know about the real value of the tools that IT is offering them. This new trend is growing now a days and a rapid growth is expected in the coming year as well. This can help them in the better understanding of valuable data that can help them in increased profits and future outcomes.