Google Goggle Glasses

In past we just listen to some news about project glass goggles, but we never believe that this concept can becomes a reality someday because it was an unrealistic concept for a common man. Today Google has come with their new invention Google goggles, which is facing pair of arguments daily about its working, appearance and vision adjustments etc.  Founder of this device is Thad Staner, who built this augmented reality goggles in Google’s special lab. These goggles look like any ordinary pair of glasses but they work incredibly well. This is a minuscule computer monitor who displays pictures, e-mails, directions and almost everything which one can view on monitor screen.

google goggles glasses


Augmented reality is not only a search engine or some web page, it’s far more and better than this all. It is combinations of different technologies which can sense the sound, sight, smell and motion etc to enhance the experience of technology for a human. This is a new step in the world of vision innovations by Google. These goggles give you annotated view live, its face reorganization ability is amazing. This function let you know about details including name, age, height etc about the person who is standing in front of you. And all this does not take more than a second.


Augmented reality

Augmented Google goggles are control by voice and eye vision, this device record all the commands with the help of sensor used in it. Then recorded eye movements and voice commands are converted to perform action. Common man can say that these are new camera-loaded, data- processing eyeglasses which are going to play an important role in the life of common man. These goggles are using tiny gyroscopes to track the position of user and then guide him in finding directions.

We can find images of founder of these goggles using it, he controls this device with the help of tiny keyboard but users can also operate this application from their android smart phone. These goggles are digital assistant for everyone who loves to remain in touch with the world all the times. Founder Thad Staner tells us that he is surrounded by different wearable computing gadgets from early 1990’s, this was the time when he become a part of Google X lab. From that time he is innovating different kind of gadgets and then using them in their daily routine. His smart phone is working for them just to make and receive calls; there is no other purpose for which he is using it.