Green Cloud

Clouds are the hottest issue in the field of IT from a years now. Introduction of cloud computing (cloud computing for dummies) has make a revolutionary change in the field of IT. Green Cloud computing is helping data centers in reduction of power consumption. This is very helpful in protecting our eco system. With that cloud is helping us in lesser use of carbon, because of which now our eco system can stay green for long.  As less natural resources and artificially produced power is consumed, we are saving money and our environment.


With every passed day the data uploaded on internet is increasing, and it is happening very quickly. Therefore different companies are thinking as more and more computing activities are done and data is being shifted from computer hard disk to internet server, more carbon footprints are raising. All the data that use to be uploaded on the servers is stored electrically, because of which consumption of electric power in these companies is rising. According to some experts these data centers are responsible for a major increase in greenhouse gas emissions. Microsoft and Google both are big names and both are at the top for cloud computing. Both of them are trying to use industry-leading PUE of 1.12 in computer centers. Green cloud is a fresh topic but just because of cloud content can be delivered in real time within shortest time period. When cloud providers really want to provide green cloud, then they must think about sources of energy, as with the passage of time these resources are declining.

If we want to kick out the bad sources of energy which are bringing negative changes in environment then green cloud should brought in front. Many of the IT managers believe that cloud computing is a healthy alternative from traditional computing techniques. It is serving to our environment in a positive way. Because of data sharing over the cloud, less electric power is consumed and this is energy-efficient way. Cloud allows user to access the data and information remotely and with that all the data can be shared over different devices very easily and waste of energy is also less. Same thing is not available with million of copies, as different users can share the same thing at a time. If cloud is used then wastage of power can be brought down with a large percentage. This reduction can help us in making our surroundings clean and healthy.


green cloud computing
Major impact of increase in power consumption is social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter etc are the sites on which user’s daily upload millions of pictures and music etc. with every new upload the use to power sources for data centers increase. Environmentalists are concern with the issue of green cloud because this can bring positive changes in the environment.

Another question that arises in front of us is that energy efficiency is the only thing that can help us in the concept of green cloud. Beside this there is nothing which we can try to improve the conditions of our surroundings. There is still a big question mark in front of us and with that in front of environmentalists and IT professionals. We all have to review all the things once again so that we can find out some better and affective solutions. As we all are living in this world so we all have to contribute our part, and have to make green cloud a real solution for many problems. Now many companies are responding now and taking steps.  They are now moving further and building data centers that are facilitated with alternative energy sources, and those sources are taking this world to greener way and helping in saving the power.