What is Information Security – Characteristics of Information Security

What is Information Security

In the field of information technology, many technologies are used for the benefit of the people of the present era. Where there are many advantages of the information technology some disadvantages are also present that really throw a bad light on the technological devices and processes. However, the major advantage of the information technology is providing the information security to the data that is used in the transmission of the data or producing the new technical products. It is defined as the technology designed to protect the information from the different types of hackers and the from identity theft and protect your information from unauthorized use is called as information security.

Basically this technology used in the field of computer networking due to its importance in maintaining the security of the information that needs security and confidentiality.

Characteristics of Information Security:

Due the importance of the information security, it has many important features that are really helpful for the protection of the confidential data from leaking and also help to protect from hacking. Some important characteristics of the information security are as follows

  1. Integrity
  2. Confidentiality
  3. Authentication
  4. Management of Risk


Information security plays a very important role in maintaining the security in different types of drastic conditions such as the errors of the integrity. As we know that information, security is used to provide the protection to the documentation or different types information present on the network or in the system. So, there are many viruses that can infect the computer, slows down the working and also break the integrity of the system. Therefore, information security provides the valuable and easy steps to prevent the different types of errors created due to integrity.


Another important characteristic of the information security technology, that it can provide the authentication method to protect the documents or the files from different types of hackers and also protect them from infection of different viruses. In authentication method, information security provides the opportunity to the user that he or she can assign the different types of special or the secret word that is called as password to the required information that has to be protected.


Confidentiality is the process that is used to protect the information on the network by avoids the unauthorized person to see your information on the networking technology such as internet technology. For example, different types of thieves use different types of methods to steel the confidential information on the internet without the knowledge of the person, such as credit card number and steel all the money. However, the information security plays a vital role in preventing the information from the disclosure and unauthenticated use. In addition, your data remain save from different types identity theft technologies used by the thieves.

Management of Risk:

Information security also take part in managing different types of risk that are harmful for the information and can disclose the private or the important information easily. The characteristic feature of the information security is that it is very helpful in removing different types of threats and increases the reliability of the information present on the network, but stopping different spam to infect the information.

Benefits of Information Security:

As we know that information, security plays a very important role in defending the information from different types of disclosure. Therefore, it has several benefits that really encourage us to use information security technology. One of the big and the major advantage of the information security is that it can take steps to prevent different topes of data leakage and increase the reliability of the information. Another benefit of the information security is that it can increase the confidentiality of the document.