Types of wireless technology – Wireless technology types

Wireless technologies are very famous and have taken over our life’s in daily to daily task, and it is popular among the techno people and the modern researchers. The time wireless technology was discovered, it had all the potential of the world to take over many previous technologies working with help of wires. It has been breakthrough in computing networking technology, and versatility of this technology has cause it to diversify in many other fields which are not even directly related to computers. There are lots of wireless technologies now being into use which helps us to compete in the race of computer networking and be up to date in this technological World.


Computer networking is a very vast and advanced field which has been implemented on many aspects of technology. In computer networking, there are so many devices which are used for networking purposes. Wireless technologies really provide the convenient and easy approach to communications between different areas that are far behind from the different types of the modern and the latest technologies. Types of wireless technologies were designed by the scientists because people who are away from their homes, they can avail such opportunity of using the internet at very high speed and be in touch with others for the sake of their business enhancement in the best possible ways of communication between two places.

Following are types of wireless technologies

Different types of Wireless Technologies:

Due to the easy approach to the networks and also in many appliances of the daily life wireless technologies are of many types and almost all the technologies that are used in the present era for the sake of better working are designed wirelessly. Some important types of wireless technologies are as follows

Wifi Technology :

WiFi is commonly called as wireless LAN, it is one of those networks in which high frequency radio waves are required for transmission of data from one place to another. WiFi operates on several hundreds feet between two places of data transmission. This technology only works on high frequency radio signals. Otherwise, it will not work properly. Nowadays this technology is used as office or home network and in many electronic devices. Wireless LAN or WiFi is divided into three main parts on which its whole working depends and all of its applications also depend on these parts i.e. infrastructure mode, ad hoc network and mixed network.

Zigbee technology :

A type of low cost, low power and wireless technology which is used for the different purposes at ultra low power is known as Zig bee technology. Low power radios on the basis of standard personal wireless networking are used by a protocol to enhance the technology. It offers excellent wireless control path network. It was not proposed or designed for the excellent or high speed data transfer rate applications. But it was designed for working on excellent long battery timings at low cost and also at ultra low power consumption. It is an ideal technology which operates at low power and low cost and used for wireless monitoring and control.

Wimax technology :

One of the important wireless technologies another technology is present that is called as Wimax technology. It is defined as a type of the wireless networking technology that is required to transmit the information in the form of microwaves through different type of methods of wireless networking from point to point or multi point access top the devices which are portable in nature. Wimax technology is categorized into two types that are Fixed Wimax and the mobile Wimax.

Voice communication (Voip ):

Voice communication is also the types of wireless technologies. In this types all the types of technologies related to the communication through the voice is included such as communication through different types of cell phones, through different types wireless internet technologies etc

Bluetooth technology :

Other important type of wireless technology is the Bluetooth technology that is used to transmit the data from one device to another device with the help of mobile phone technology.