What is Portable Wifi

Portable Wifi is the type of wireless Wifi that has the portability feature and provide high speed internet any where you carry it. with the help of portable Wifi you don’t need to pay for using wireless at various coffee shop and hotel night stay by investing big cost for using wireless form your pocket .there are different kinds of wireless internet that are available in the market by different. In the early days equipment was required but new Wifi technology in the form of box and USB devices connect any where with your notebooks an systems and provide high speed internet any time.

Architecture – How Portable WiFi Works

These portable Wifi device works like any other Wifi device but the major difference is it provide the range to the users to use internet within 200 feet from the device its a small box with folded sheet of metal of 6.3 x10.3 inches These device are known as third generation devices because they are pluggable any where when required. Commercial sector s my use high ranges with integration of other device to improve the performance of portable Wifi. Many for the portable Wifi device contains built in router for supporting the Wifi. Many mobiles have the mobile wireless router that makes them able to access the in wireless internet by connecting portably to the wireless zone. Latest product such as ipod touch pad and nokia n800 series contain portable Wifi feature that makes it suitable for the commercial use too. Standard Ethernet serve as the basic protocol for the portable Wifi connection.

Configuring Portable WiFi

  • Few instruction can be helpful in using portable Wifi with your mobile.
  • First of all mobiles and compute doesn’t have the portable Wifi feature .The foremost step is to recognize the device which is compatible to the Wifi portable technology.
  • Mobile router mist be present in the device which assure the wireless connectivity even when no other wireless feature in the device.
  • Many device has the built in portable wireless feature such the apple notebooks and external configuration is required for such devices.
  • Ethernet standard should be known
  • Now for configuring the mobile router insert the cellular or laptop card in cell or laptop.
  • Connect to check out the router compatibility if it successful gets connected and starts further processing follow the provide instruction with the card.
  • Connect the router with the computer with the help of Ethernet cable.
  • Now type the wireless portable device address in your browser to view the configuration page.
  • Indicate the pc brand here.
  • You can set your passwords and other security settings while configuring your browser settings.
  • Network setting for page filtration is the next task that enhances security through wireless.


Portable Wifi devices are most frequently us for connecting to the live TV shows and concrete plus many commercial means such as stock exchange updates and also for downloading movies at high speed. They serve as a back up connection for immediately restoring the web apes and email checks. Some of the Wifi device is provided with the additional battery pack such as Apple Ipods. The commons standards for Portable Wifi are 802.11 which also serve a high speed protocol too.

Future Perception

High sped Wifi portable device are saving huge cost that people invest for availing the facilities of wireless networks. They are gathering favorable results because of there portability and easy carriage every where people go. Its most interesting feature is that it require no extra installation in the surfing device just a portable router need a configuration of high speed of wireless. In the future can also make portable Wifi much more beneficial and faster.