FAQ’s on WiFi Technology – Frequently asked questions on WiFi

The era of wireless technologies have set new standards of communication and they have changed our lives. However still there is much confusion related to the wireless technologies like WiFi. A revolutionary wireless technology which is becoming the base for the network connectivity and discovery of portable digital assistants also leaves number of questions on our mind. WiFi is the most widely used wireless network technology throughout the world.


Some Important Questions

WiFi is a versatile wireless connection which provides wireless connectivity to unlimited number of users. There are number of questions which network users can ask. First of all the most frequently asked question is what is the range of wifi, how many devices can be connected using WiFi, how to set up wireless security and many more. Suppose for example a user has put a question that how many number of devices be connected using WiFi. His question can be asked by making a link or answering it at the spot. The answer can be comprehensive like any WiFi point can support up to 255 devices. However the performance of the network is prone to alterations. Security is the main issue regarding wireless connection. Therefore the FAQ’s related to security are. To what extent wireless networks re secure what are wireless accesss security keys, what is war driving, what is the wireless equivalent privacy tools etc. WEP or wireless equivalent keys are a set of  a series of hexadecimal  code which includes the combination of numbers from 0 to 9 and the letters A to F.

Answer to Some FAQ’s

What is WiFi hotspot, what are 802.11 standards and how does Wireless routers work?  Some FAQ’s related to WiFi can be answered by surfing through the unlimited data present on the websites. Let us share some this information with you. Wifi hotspot is a site which allows the wireless devices to connect to the wireless signals. These signals can be accessed anywhere like airports and café’s by using digital devices like smart phones, laptop and palm top. Wireless hotspots is a hot topic and some more advanced FAQ’s can be introduction to WiFi hotspots, how to locate free WiFi hotspot, is it secure to connect any wifi network and which is the favorite WiFi spot. The questions regarding IEEE802.11 standards which govern the working of the WiFi can be what the extensions to 802.11 standards are, is it right to upgrade current 802.11 standards and what is 802.11b or 802.11g. 802.11 is a set of standards which guide the working of the WiFi network. These standers are formed to guide frequency, range and speed of the wireless signals and also the issues regarding the compatible devices.

All WiFi Queries

Let us analyze the most common WiFi frequently asked questions .what is wifi network and the related technologies, what are the essential security measures in order to set up wifi, what is the range of WiFi, what is the signal strength of WiFi, which WiFi router is the most user friendly, what are the different types of wireless antennas, how to set and update WiFi passwords, what re factors which cause signal attenuation, how to set WiFi wireless LAN, what is the speed of WiFi, setting up WiFi at home, common WiFi hotspots and how to turn off the wifi routers. These questions emit the confusions using the WiFi connections and WiFi hotspots. The awareness regarding the wireless technologies can be well judged by the number of questions which the users put on the different websites. This data can be also used by researchers to design their research papers and to present recommendations for improvement in the existing technology.