WiFi Hotspots – How WiFi Hotspot Works?

Wireless internet really made the technological life easy and convenient. We can access the wireless internet through different places where we can. There are different methods or technologies to use the wireless internet every where and continue our regular and important work related to internet technology. One of these technologies is the Wifi hot spots. It is defined as the area or the place where we can do the access to the internet with the help of wireless router and the local area network is called as Wifi hot spot. Basically the whole working of the Wifi hot spots based on the Wifi technology of networking. With the help of our mobile devices we can access the wireless network through hot spots from coffee shops, malls etc.

Types of Wifi hotspot

Wifi hot spots categorized into two basic types which support whole wireless networking and access over the network

  1. Free WiFi hot spots
  2. Commercial Wifi hot spots

We can find the Wifi hot spots every where in restaurants, coffee shops, stations, airport, shopping malls and many other places. We can develop the Wifi hot spot in that area easily where there is the availability of the Wifi router. Some times we can also represent the Wifi hot spots as the area covered by the router of wireless.

How WiFi Hotspot Works?

Wifi hot spots works on the same principle as on which the Wifi technology works. As we know that the router plays an important role in setting up the Wifi hot spot so, whole working of the Wifi hot spots depends upon the working or the operation of the wireless router. The area that is covered by the wireless router is referred to as the Wifi hot spots also. A different type of hardware is involved in the working of the Wifi hot spots. Basically this hardware is required for the proper working of the access point with the router and the different types of gateways used for allowing the users to take advantages of the services of the hot spot. The hardware of the access point of the Wifi hot spots is set up in this way that it should be connected to the high output power which is called as EIRP; an antenna is also used to spread the signals widely to provide the services to every user. If the Wifi hot spot is established in the large area or the place then large number of access points is used for the proper functioning. Access points with the high power should be used for good results.

Transmitters and the receiver are also the part of the working of the Wifi hot spots. Transmitter is used to transmit the data in the form signals or the radio waves in the air and these waves are received by the receiver placed on the other end. Different types of wireless cards are also take part in the working of the Wifi hot spots because these cards are the essential component of the wireless router to carry on the wireless internet technology. These are some important steps that are involved in the working of the hot spots and remaining working of the Wifi hot spots is same as Wifi has.

Uses of Wifi Hot Spots:

Some important uses of Wifi hot spots tat are really helpful for the users are as follows

  1. Easy access to wireless internet every where in the world.
  2. Wifi hot spots serves many users at the same time
  3. save money and time
  4. We can do our important work without any types of hassle ness
  5. Can be transfer our important data to any place from them easily.

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