WiFi Technology News

Wi-Fi enabled flight in trial by Southwest Southwest Airlines will be starting Internet trial in one plane reported by USA TODAY. This internet service in the plane will be free as trial Satellite-backed using row 44’s systems have enabled Internet onboard facility. By March three more planes will be facilitated by Internet service onboard. Read more on Internet on southwest planes


New Law- All Wi-Fi Networks would require keeping Log :
It is reported that Internet safety act is going to be applied whoever runs Wi-Fi network. Law imposes to keep records whoever access any given Wi-Fi network, idea behind this act by government is to find out criminals. How this law can be implemented ?, how will that affect our use of Wi-Fi which we do at offices, Cafes, Homes etc. Is this is fully practically implementable ?. Read more to know about it

Atheros thinks 802.11n has potential to replace 802.11g by using Antenna:

Atheros has developed chip that uses just a single Antenna to get out of amazing features of 802.11n without the help multiplexing concept. It seems to improve receiving quality, transmitting rang along with some other characteristics. Atheros plans to go way beyond 802.11n characteristics to meet future design and products.. Read more about Atheros..

illegal downloading at Universitry of North South Wales:

Students are fined A$1000 for downloading illegal contents declared by IT manager at Australian university. For this act of students free Wi-Fi may be turned of and will not be available for use. Read more about illegal content downloaded using free wifi t illegal content downloaded using free wifi .

National baseball team with Wi-Fi in ballpark:

National team of Washington of baseball have installed Wi-Fi 802.11n network enable from Meru to ballpark. That is amazing as this will help players to stay connected with their fans all the time, they can see instant reply to the games, send photos and applications using Wireless networking facility. The entire set will cost around $280,000 for about 200 access points. for now, Wi-Fi is only used to scan tickets wirelessly from different entry points and gates. Read more about Wi-Fi in Ballpark

McDonals is offer Free Wi-Fi service.

In Australia McDonals is going to offer Free Wi-Fi service starting from this december. There are about 720 outlets which would be available to access Wi-Fi for free with the help of partnership with Telstra by March 2009. Learn more about McDonals Free Wi-Fi

IEEE STANDARD introduced 802.11r for faster roaming:
New standard is approved by IEEE for fast roaming that is 802.11r. This will help in improving handoff of connecting devices to the base stations. This standard will help in enhancing quality of service and security for using VoIP over Wireless LAN. It will prevent delays in authentications and handshaking between connections.

Wi-Fi enabled Air flights trend is on:
Aircell is now forth airline to have in-flight Wi-Fi technology. Other three Airlines who have in flight Wi-Fi service available is amercian airline, Delta and virgin america. Aircell have installed Wi-Fi service in most of their planes and they plane to have wireless service to their all planes.

Researchers have developed Vi-Fi:
New methodology is developed by researchers and they called it Vi-Fi. This method will allow maintaining connections with multiple base stations at once using primary access point for traffic.

Coffee Bean & Tea, Provides Free Wi-Fi:
The chain of Coffee Bean & tea leaf have decided to provide free Wi-Fi service installed to all stores owned by company. This chain approximately have 700 stores and out of which company owns 300, that’s a lot of free Wi-Fi.