What is WiFi Repeater

Wireless networks started of slow and gradual in last decay. But in recent years it has grown like a virus and its out breakage has outnumbered every other thing that has gone viral ever. Now it has reach to a point where every home and every office is equipped with high speed wireless network connections. Wireless N has become pretty much the standard for wireless networks. Having said that, wifi networks have their limitations when it comes to range.. In this scenario we use devices which are called wifi repeaters. They are also referred as wifi network extenders or wifi signal boosters. You can easily make sense out of these phrases and their basic function behind it.

How to setup wifi repeater in your home and in office?

First thing first, I assume you have basic knowledge about working of wireless routers that is already connected to access point and in working condition and with functional internet connection. There are couple ways to setup wireless repeater. And I will discuss both of them here. Following are the points you have take into your consideration before following any of the method.

  1. You have basic knowledge of working of wireless router and know to how to configure it.
  2. You have repeater available with you
  3. And of course you need a location within local area network where you need wireless signals, where you are not already getting them.

Method 1 to configure wireless repeater

This method is widely used and it is slightly older one. Follow these steps to set up wireless signal repeater.

  1. Firstly, identify the location within local area network where you need the signals of any given wireless networks.
  2. Identify the location where you want to install wifi repeat device, make sure that wifi signals of given wireless network are available here. In case where signals are not reaching wifi repeater, it will not be able to extend the signals and repeater will be all wasted.
  3. Place wireless repeater in appropriate place and power it up.
  4. Now open of wireless router configuration page, which normally can be accessed by, but it can be different in your case. Check your router base if you are not sure for your router access address.
  5. . Run the wizard and you will get to see two options, Access point and the other one is Repeater.
  6. . Check the repeater.
  7. It will ask two credentials of the wireless network, SSID (Service Set Identifier) and it’s Key.
  8. Enter SSID and it’s key in their respect fields and leave rest of the options as it is, Save and let it reset its self.
  9. As router restart, it will start broadcasting signals like before, but this time it will search repeater in its surrounding. It will find the repeater and pass it the credentials of the wireless networks all by itself..
  10. As soon repeater connects with Access point (wireless router), It will start amplifying current signals from access point. And that is how wireless network signals will be available at location where network wasn’t available before.

Method 2 to configure wireless signal booster

Let’s go through method 2 now. It is relatively new method and it depends on how latest your wireless router is. Follow the steps to configure your wireless signal booster.

  1. Follow first three steps from method 1.
  2. Now open wireless router configuration page.
  3. Run the wizard and you will get to see three options now. Access point, Repeater and WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). Note: WPS option is mostly available in most recent wireless router models. Older ones may not have it and in that case either you have to buy a new one or follow method 1.
  4. Click WPS button and it will start scanning for repeaters in the surroundings.
  5. Click on the available repeater and give it access of network. You don’t need to pass it credentials of the network. It will pass SSID and its key its self and give access to selected repeater. (Let it be an example of two bluetooth enabled devices pairing each other)
  6. As soon repeater connects with wireless router, it will start broadcasting weaker signals into powerful signals.

Wireless signal repeater is very useful device when you have location in your home or office, where your wireless network is not accessible. If you want to buy wireless signal boosters follow the link. We have the top wifi signal boosters listed for you.