Problems and Solutions to WiFi Security

As we know that wireless technology becomes very famous among all the aspects of different technologies of computer networking of present era. Wireless networks really provide the convenient and easy approach to communications between different areas. WiFi is commonly called as wireless LAN, it is one of those networks in which high frequency radio waves are required for transmission of data from one place to another. WiFi operates on several hundreds feet between two places of data transmission. This technology only works on high frequency radio signals otherwise it will not work. Nowadays this technology is used as office or home network and also in many electronic devices.

How it Works?

Basically the working of WiFi is based on transmission process. In this process the data which is going to be transferred has to be transmitted in the form of radio signals, and then the device transmits these signals to antenna which is used for transferring of data. This antenna is which is used for transmission purpose is connected with a wired LAN or DSL. A router is also connected with the device which is able to receive the signals and also help in decoding them. Then this information is spread on internet.

Features of WiFi Security:

Some important features of WiFi security which are responsible of reliability of such technology are as follows.

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Data Integrity
  3. Access Control
  4. Encryption
  5. Association
  6. Authentication

Two types of authentications i.e. open system authentication and shared key authentication.

WiFi Security Problems and Solution

There are so many security problems of WiFi or wireless LAN which let the wireless LAN down. Some of the major problems with their solutions are given below

  1. Modulation Spectrum Technique:  The technique of spectrum modulation which wads used in the early technology of WiFi has very low security that anyone can use your network and hack your code of activity.

Solution: The solution which scientist suggest for this problem is that we can use latest model or technology of modulation spectrum to protect the WiFi fro such problem.

  1. Change Default Passwords: Some hackers also hack your default password that was assign by manufacturers. Hackers used all the default passwords and hack your WiFi network.

Solution: When you use the WiFi system you should change the default password as soon as possible and set a new password of your choice.

  1. Wireless Equivalent Privacy (WEP): Some people also suggest for using Wireless Equivalent Privacy WEP to have a secure working on WiFi network. Sometimes it is very insecure to use WEP technology because it is very easy to break the encryption of WEP.

Solution: This security problem of WiFi can be reduced by upgrading the wireless encryption to Virtual Private Network (VPN).

  1. Crackers: One of the major problems of WiFi security are crackers.

Solutions:  We can prevent the crackers by using the no. of methods of recovery of WiFi security such as placement of access points in the desired area, as WiFi is the combination of both wireless and the wired devices so, by dividing the both portions in the different segments we can avoid such problem of crackers.

  1. Service Set Identifier (SSID):

Another major security problem of WiFi security is breaking of service set identifier SSID. It is very easy and convenient to break the service set identifier SSID by anyone with the help of any kind of sniffing tool.

Solution: This problem of WiFi can be overcome by using the encryption technology such as RADIUS etc. By applying encryption of data we can protect our SSID.

Future of Wifi security:

             The future of WiFi security will be very bright if we overcome the security problems in the present technologies. And if we protect WiFi from these security problems we have long way to produce great technologies under WiFi networking in future.