How WiMAX Works ? – Working of Wimax technology

WiMAX technology works little different than WiFi technology. In wifi computers can be connected through wireless LAN card to near by access point, wireless router or any Hotspot, it does not works this way when we talk about connectivity in WiMAX. WiMAX network connectivity constitutes of two parts, one can define as WiMAX tower or WiMAX booster, it is known as WiMAX Base station, whereas the other is WiMax receiver. Let’s talk about them in little details for better understanding on how wimax works.

 How WiMAX Works:

WiMAX base station: As name explains base station is place where WiMax signals are broadcasted. It consists of electronic devices and WiMax Tower. This tower works exactly like GSM network phones towers standing high up in the air to broadcast radio signals. WiMAX tower base station can cover up 10Km radius. In theory it suggests to cover a lot more distance than just 10Km, it can reach some where about 50 km (30 miles), but in fact due to certain geographical limitations it goes as far as 10 km approx. 6 mils. Any wireless connecting device for WiMAX will connect to WiMAX network if fallen in to the range.

WiMAX Receiver: It is device or devices which receives the signals from WiMAX base station and connects to the WiMAX networks. These devices are usually stand alone Antenna or PCMCIA slot card for laptops or computers. Connecting to WiMAX base stations works as similar as connection of Wifi to access point works, the only difference is that WiMAX covers much wider area.



How wimax works

One WiMAX base stations can be connected to several other base stations using high speed microwave link, this link is usually known as backhaul. This way WiMAX roaming can be achieved and connections can be maintained on move.

WiMAX support many protocols like ATM, IPv4 Ethernet, VLAN etc, this makes WiMax a rich choice for full of services from data to voice.

NOTE: This is the Video about What is WiMax and How it works. It should help in grasping the concept and working of the WiMAX Technology