Wired vs Wireless home networks – Wired Networks vs Wireless Networks

Wireless Home Network:

Wireless technologies are designed to reduce the time and different type of obstacles created by the cables. Therefore, wireless networks have more convenient working as compared to other type of wired networking. Wireless network is the type of the computer networking in which computer is connected with the different telecommunication devices wirelessly. It is used for the sake of different purposes such as communication or data transmission etc. these all types of transmission that is related to the wireless networks are carried out  with help of different types of waves which have micro wavelength in nature.


In the field of wireless networking another system, introduce which is helpful for ding the networking in the home called as wireless home network. It is defined as the connection that is build for the wireless networking in the home for the sake of sharing different types of resources such as printing in the home at the same time on the internet is referred as Wireless home Networking.

Wired Home Networks:

A type local area networking technology which is based on a special type of cable which is used to transfer data from one place to another in the form of analog and digital signals, these cables are called as coaxial cables. They also carry signals of radio of different frequencies which also pays an important role in transferring the data between two operating systems or computers. This type of technology is termed as wired home network. The maximum data transfer rate of this technology is 10 MB per seconds. The cables which are used to configure wired network are special; because they behave as analog and as well as digital and its speed is quite equal to twisted pair cable. Ethernet works or operates in a narrow range and it is little bit difficult to configure as compared to wireless networking technologies. Wired network is very costly to install because to install the coaxial cables we need lot of money and time. So, nowadays its alternative technology i.e. peer to peer is used to reduce the expenses and also increase the reliability and networking. So point to point management is install instead of those costly cables everywhere. Common examples are Ethernet or wired LAN etc.

Comparison between Wired or Wireless Home Network:

The common postulates on which both technologies are differentiated are as follows


Wired Home Network

Wireless Home networks



The networking of the wired home networks are more faster as compared to other types of wireless networking devices because they are able to provide the speed of more then 1000 Mbps The networking of the wireless networking is good and better for the future resources but it is not faster as the wired home networking devices. Wifi is the common types of wireless home network that can provide the reliable working

Cost Comparison

We need many expenses to configure or setup the wired home network. Because we need large money to spread the network of coaxial cables.

As compared to other wired devices it is easy to setup the wireless networking devices at the very low and at the reliable cost


More reliable
Faster internet
Transfer of data at a very faster speed

You can Access internet from any place through hot pots
No hassles of cables
No need any kind of wiring for installation


It can not provide mobile network
Difficult to lay down the cables and it looks very messy when install outside

Not very much reliable
Only best for mobile devices such as Laptops
Not faster as compared to wired devices


On the basis of these postulates of we can compare these devices at the very advanced or the initial level.