Disadvantages of nanotechnology – Nanotechnology disadvantages

Although nanotechnology has significant impact in all felids of life. it has impressive applications in almost every area of work but it also has some major disadvantages that cannot be neglected. Nanotechnology negative side is quite bright some of its disadvantages are listed below:

  • One of the biggest disadvantage that world is facing because of nanotechnology is the lack of employment in the fields of traditional farming and manufacturing and industrial sector because of the vast development in the nanotechnology .nanotech devices and machines have taken place of human to work  faster and accurately which has lessen the importance of men power in the field of practical work
  • Increasing development and instant performance has also increased the fall of certain markets like diamond and oil because of the low value of diamond and oil .Presence of alternative has decreased the demand because alternates are more efficient and do not require the use of fossil fuels. Diamonds have lost its value because it is now produced massively with the help of nanotechnology.  People and manufacturer can now produce bulk of the products at molecular scale and decomposition is done to create new components.
  • Another big threat, which is born with the advent of nanotechnology, is the easy accessibility of atomic weapons. Nanotechnology has made these weapons more powerful and more destructive .unauthorized, criminal bodies can reach nuclear weapons easily, and its formulation could be stolen.
  • Nanotechnology has increased risk to the health also , nanoparticles due to there their small size can cause inhalation problem and many other fatal diseases. by just inhaling for 60  seconds  in the air contain nano particles can damage lungs easily.
  • At present nanotechnology is on the most expensive technologies and its cost is increasing day by day. The main reason for very high cost is the molecular structure and processing of the product.  It quite difficult of the manufacturers to randomly produce dynamic products with the nanotechnology. Huge pricing of nanotech machines make it unaffordable for the common people.
  • Working with nanotechnology is quite risky also, Manufacturers have to invest huge money for starting nanotech plants and if products produced is fail to satisfy the customer then manufacturer bear a lot of loss. The original product cannot be recovered because it will cost double to the manufacturers.  Maintenance cost of the product is also very high.
  •  Nanotechnology also raised some practical problems. Practical problems can include everything which is to be produced from masses like coal, petroleum,. Nanotechnology does not leave single nano particle unused which crashed the small industries of  sub products of the massive materials this is the main reason for low quantity of sub products of coal and petroleum in the markets
  • there are also some ethical issues which include the poisoning of mass material which has been processed at nano scale .this may leave negative impacts on the health and industry. Mass poisoning could happen only if the coatings on the products  that nanotechnology has to produce include poisonous micro particles that can penetrate into the brain
  • While nanotechnology can produce all kinds of new and improved products but, the particles that are created are so small that they may cause eventual health problems in the bodies of consumers who use these products that use them.
  • Nanotechnology has raised the standard of living but at the same time, it has increased the pollution, which includes water pollution, air pollution. The pollution caused by nanotechnology is known as nano pollution. This kind of pollution is very dangerous for living organisms.